Eat a plant, save the planet!

Eating a plant-based diet can make a difference in your health, the community, and sustainability of our environment. The Sustainability Advisory Council at WCU lists eating plant-based meals as a low-cost and accessible sustainable action to take on campus. Learn more about what you can do as a part of the WCU campus. Join our Eat a Plant, Save the Planet campus-wide health promotion and try a Meatless Monday.

Video Library:

Eat a Plant, Save the Planet video

Learn more about plant-based diets, health and sustainability by watching this short video!

Plant-based cooking demo

Wondering how you can adopt a plant-based diet? Watch this video (~50 minutes) with examples of chefs making plant-based dishes and testimonials and tips on adopting more plant-based eating.

Plant-Based Eating Guides and Cookbook:

Find out more about availability of plant-based dining options on and around the WCU campus!  View and download the electronic guide or explore the interactive story map, below.

Eat a Plant, Save the Planet Guide  Story Map

Interested in making your own plant-based meals and dishes? Try a recipe from our digital cookbook, with contributions from students and employees across the WCU campus.

Digital Cookbook

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