Student News Blogs

In our Computer Science program, CSC301 is a course devoted to security and ethics. This course focuses on many issues in computer ethics, including privacy, intellectual property, and computer crime. The course also covers issues such as the history of malware, new attack tricks, what we call a gentle introduction to cryptography, computer immunology, biometrics, and security issues in cloud computing and on social networks.

One project option for students is to create a news blog which covers breaking news stories in computer security and computer ethics. Students are to post two items each week. Each item is expected to include the student's version of the news story as well as a link (or links) to the news source (or sources) that the student used for the story.

Professor Epstein co-presented a paper at the 2010 Colloquium for Information Systems Security and Education that was held in Baltimore. His co-presenter was Dafan Zhang, a student who did the news blog project during the Fall 2009 semester.

Here are three of the news blogs that were being done during the Spring semester 2014.

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