What does "first-generation" mean? 

Did you know that approximately 30% of our students are first generation (first-gen) college students?  We celebrate you!  West Chester University considers you first-gen if none of your parents/guardians completed a Bachelor's degree. Participate in West Chester's First events to meet other first-gens, improve your skills to become a more successful student, and connect yourself and your family to the campus!   

You are part of a proud tradition.  You are one of West Chester's First. 


Why participate in West Chester's First programs?

We encourage first-generation students to participate in our programs to: 

·  gain a sense of belonging and establish your identity on our campus

·  improve your skills to become a successful student

·  helping increase awareness surrounding you and your family’s needs as first-generation student

more about West Chester's First

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First Gen Family Resource Guide




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