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Achieve! at WCU


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Achieve! at WCU


256 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19382

Jacob Maxwell
Phone: 610-436-3595

Welcome to Achieve! at West Chester University

a1Learn about Achieve!

Achieve! exists to provide holistic support for undergraduate students at the University. We provide resources to promote the success of all students admitted through Achieve! during their time at WCU. We work both individually and in groups to help students perform well academically, develop meaningful connections, and cultivate self-awareness and advocacy skills.

a1What's involved?

Every Achieve! student is paired with an Achieve! Graduate Consultant (a current graduate-level student at the University) to work with individually during their first year and beyond. Achieve! students also attend Academic Success Workshops facilitated by our office.

We aim to foster a sense of community in our students by encouraging regular meetings with their Achieve! Graduate Consultant, exploring the numerous resources offered by our campus community, and offering group Academic Success Workshops tailored to meet student needs.

Achieve! student feedback:

  • “I got the help I needed and positive feedback from today's session.”

  • “Today was a great meeting with my Graduate Consultant. I learned a lot about myself and what I need to do in order to improve my academic life.”

  • “My Graduate Consultant was easy to open up to about issues in life.”

  • “Helpful in where to navigate things such as educational resources and also counseling.”

  • “Feel more comfortable adjusting to college, socially and academically.”

  • “Got a lot done. I like how we can talk about other things that aren't school related such as next year goals, figuring out off-campus housing, etc.”

  • “The meeting was really useful with helping me know what the campus has to offer me to be successful in graduating in 4 years.”

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