Course Substitution Requests

All WCU students are encouraged to arm themselves with knowledge of the academic requirements and policies that they’ll encounter and utilize in their time at the university. They are expected to consult their Undergraduate Catalog, or Graduate Catalog, often and familiarize themselves with the WCU General Education Program.

Dr. Cheryl Neale-McFall, the Special Assistant for Academic Policy, oversees the approval of all Course Substitution Request Forms .

Dismissal Appeals

The Special Assistant for Academic Policy also hears all dismissal appeals. Students who wish to appeal must utilize the Dismissal Appeal Form to explain the reason for their academic difficulty, as well as their plan to return to good academic standing, if Dr. Neale-McFall allows them to stay on for a semester of extended probation. The appeal process is an informal one, and appeals should be submitted via email. For more information on academic dismissal or probation, please refer to our Probation and Dismissal page.

Academic Recovery Plans (ARP)

ARP forms are required for all students on academic probation and are collected by this office. The procedure is as follows:

  • The student makes an appointment with their academic advisor;
  • Together, the advisor and student devise a plan to raise the student’s GPA;
  • The advisor then fills out the online ARP form;
    • Students do not have access to ARP forms
  • And the form is submitted electronically and forwarded by automatic process to this office.

Students who fail to have an ARP completed and submitted by their advisor will have a hold placed on their account and will not be permitted to schedule. As soon as an ARP is received by this office, the hold will be removed.

For answers to any questions not covered here, please visit our Probation and Dismissal page or

contact Ms. Andrea Grinwis,

Academic Programs and Policies Manager, for assistance.

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