Program Director


Dr. Alice Speh


Dr. Alice Speh


Work Phone: 610-436-1096

Office Location: Mitchell Hall 205B

Office Hours: Every day, by appointment. Call our Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Calderaro at x1096, or stop by her office in Main 404 to arrange one.


Education: A.B. in International Relations from Brown University; PhD. in Russian Language and Literature from Bryn Mawr College.

Roots: I'm a native of West Texas, of the town of Toyah, to be precise, which is located about 90 west of President Bush's home of Midland. At this point, the town probably has a population of about 50.

History at WCU: I've taught Russian and Spanish at WCU since 1989, and became Director of Liberal Studies in Fall 2002.

FAQ: "What should I major in?" My career is an example of the idea that your long-term career may not match your college major precisely. My undergrad degree is in International Relations, yet I teach foreign language and direct an interdisciplinary degree program. The most important thing a college student can do to ensure career success later is to spend time developing tangible skills -- such as writing, computer literacy and foreign language proficiency. If you spend time developing your human capital, you can excel in any work environment.