Dr. Anil K. Kandalam
Associate Professor of Physics


I received my Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Physics from the University of Hyderabad, India in 1997 and Ph.D. in Physics from the Michigan Technological University, USA, in 2002. After Postdoctoral and visiting faculty appointments at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and four years at McNeese State University as a tenure-track faculty, I joined West Chester University in the Fall of 2012.

My research interests are in the area of computational nanomaterials. These include computational investigations of nano-clusters/particles, nano-building blocks for novel cluster-assembled materials, electronic structure of nanostructures, core-shell nanoparticles, stability and reactivity of metal oxide nanoparticles, and modeling the defect reactions in oxides and related materials.

I have established research collaborations with experimental groups at Johns Hopkins (Bowen group), University of Konstanz (Gantefoer group), and Chinese Academy of Sciences(Weijun Zheng group). I also regularly collaborate with Dr. Boggavarapu's computational chemistry group at McNeese State University.


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