The WCU science complex offers computer equipped classrooms and laboratories. The majority of courses in this curriculum are taught in the renovated Science Complex, which opened in 1996.

The participating science departments have a variety of modern equipment, all of which are used in teaching and student research. This equipment includes:

  • Confocal laser scanning microscope
  • P-3 level tissue culture facility
  • Cold room
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Scintillation counting system
  • Gas and liquid chromatographs
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
  • Nuclear magnetic-resonance spectrometer
  • Ultraviolet-visible spectrometer
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Differential scanning calorimeter
  • X-ray power diffractometer
  • Electroanalyzer
  • New transmission and scanning electron microscopes
  • Single-side band microscope (the world's second)
  • Fluorescence microscopes
  • Apparatus for videomicroscopy
  • Cryostat
  • Gamma ray counter
  • Computerized DNA sequencing analyzer
  • Recombinant DNA equipment
  • Electrophoresis equipment
  • Anaerobic bacterial culture chamber and incubator
  • Patch clamping equipment

In addition, you will also be exposed to other equipment unique to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries during your summer internship.

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