West Chester University

Department of Mathematics

31st Annual Awards Ceremony

September 24, 2017

 Some of the students at the 2017 Awards banquet


The West Chester University Department of Mathematics 31st Annual Awards Ceremony was held on September 24, 2017, at the Penn Oaks Golf Club, 150 Penn Oaks Drive, West Chester. The program commenced with a social hour from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m, with the brunch and awards ceremony being from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

 More information about the scholarships awarded may be found on the department's scholarships page.

The photographs below are of the students receiving their awards. More pictures from the awards ceremony may be found in the slideshow uploaded to the department's youtube channel.


Host:                                            Dr. Peter L. Glidden

                                                     Chair, Department of Mathematics

 Special Guests:                         Dr. R. Lorraine Bernotsky
                                                     Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs

James L’heureux Scholarship

Presented by:                             Dr. Paul Wolfson

Awarded to:                                Sean P. Gould
Sean Gould receiving his award

Class of 1943 Mathematics Scholarship

Presented by:                            Professor Ann Skeath

Awarded to:                              Katie P. Deegan
Katie Deegan receiving her award

Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. Filano Mathematics Scholarship

Presented by:                          Dr. Kathleen Jackson  ’67

Renewed for:                          Kerry L. Freas

                                                  Michael T. Tarrant                                                                                        

                                                  Sarah C. Adcock 

Awarded to:                            Mitchell P. Henderson
Sarah Adcock and Mitchell Henerson receiving there award

Class of 1963 Scholarship for Promising Math Education Majors

Presented by:                          Mr. James Rubillo ‘63

 Awarded to:                           Mary E. Williams
Mary Williams receiving her award

Grosshans Hirsch Applied Mathematics Scholarship

Presented by:                       Dr. Mark A. McKibben

Awarded to:                          Stacy A. Porten-Willson
Stacy A. Porten-Willson receiving her award

Frank E. Milliman Scholarship

Presented by:                      Dr. Kim Johnson

Awarded to:                         Kelli H. Johnson
Kelli Johnson receiving her award

Dr. Michael P. Montemuro Memorial Scholarship

Presented by:                      Dr. Viorel Nitica                                                                                                

                                               on behalf of the Montemuro family

Awarded to:                         Tyler J. Clark
Tyler Clark receiving his award

Mary Pinder Nunan ’43 Scholarship

Presented by:                     Dr. Gail Gallitano

Awarded to:                        Daniel A. Rizzo

 Daniel Rizzo receiving his award

Katherine Smith Math Scholarship

Presented by:                    Dr. Allison Kolpas
                                                     on behalf of Richard and Patricia ‘77 Smith

Awarded to:                      Haley B. Buckner

 Haley Buckner receiving her award

Mathematics Scholarship

Presented by:                   Dr. Allison Kolpas

 Awarded to:                     Anna L. Dyska

Anna Dyska receiving her award

                                            Jeremiah A. Budgeon

                                            Austin T. Carlson

                                           Patrick G. Corrigan

Patrick Corrigan receiving his award

                                           Sara J. Ercolani 

                                         Kimberly A. Jackson

Kimberly Jackson receiving her award

                                          Josiah D. Keller

                                        Caroline Krusen

Caroline Krusen receiving her award

                                       R. Hunter Langel

R. Hunter Langel receiving his award

                                       David E. Nichols

David Nichols receiving his award

                                      Kelly M. Schmoock                                                   Kelly Schmook receiving her award                        

                                      Alexandra H. Sonn

Alexandra Sonn receiving her award

                                     Jonathon I. Thurston

Jonathan Thurston receiving his award

                                    Jeremy S. Way                                        
Jeremy Way receiving his award

Applied Statistics Scholarship

Presented by:         Dr. Scott McClintock                                         

Awarded to:           Paul Dewalt 

Paul Dewalt receiving his award

                                 James McKinstry 

James McKinstry receiving his award

                                 Elaine (Jingqiong) Wang
Elaine (Jingqiong) Wang receiving her award

Mark Wiener Endowment Awards

Presented by:      Professor C. Ralph Verno


Awarded to:         Ashley N. Burgette

Ashley Burgette receiving her award

                              Brittany N. Parker

Brittany Parker receiving her award

                              Catherine M. Senior

Catherine Senior receiving her award

                              Katelyn N. Stout

Katelyn Stout receiving her award


Benjamin E. Faber Scholarship

Presented by:         Dr. Mark  A. McKibben

Awarded to:           Diego A. Jorge

Diego Jorge receiving his award


Pathfinder Award

Presented by:        Dr. Peter L. Glidden

Awarded to:           Samantha Frankosky

Samantha Frankosky with her award


Actuarial Recognition

Presented by:         Dr. Peter L. Glidden

Awarded to:           Kerry L. Freas


Special thank you to Dr. Lin Tan for taking pictures today!


Please see the Scholarships page for more information on the awards and scholarships mentioned above.


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