West Chester University
Department of Mathematics
33rd Annual Awards Ceremony
November 17, 2019

 33nd Annual Awards Ceremony Awardees

Some of the award winners at the Department of Mathematics 33rd Annual Awards Ceremony


The West Chester University Department of Mathematics 33rd Annual Awards Ceremony was held on November 17, 2019, at the Penn Oaks Golf Club, 150 Penn Oaks Drive, West Chester. The program commenced with a Friends and Family Social Hour from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m, with the brunch and awards ceremony being from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

 More information about the scholarships awarded may be found on the department's scholarships page.

The photographs below are of the students receiving their awards.

More pictures from the awards ceremony may be found in the slideshow uploaded to the department's youtube channel.

The pictures are also available for download on this Shutterfly page (prints of any picture may also be ordered at this Shutterfly page).



Host:                                                                                Dr.  Peter L. Glidden
                                                                    Chair, Department of  Mathematics


  Welcome remarks:                                                               Dr. Radha Pyati 
                                            Dean, College of  the Sciences  and Mathematics            

 Dean Radha Pyati


James L’heureux Scholarship

                                                                                                     Professors Joseph Moser and William Seybold

                                                                                    Drs. John Kerrigan and Paul Wolfson

Awarded to:                 Sarah L. Emery


Class of 1943 Mathematics Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Rosemary Sullivan

 Class of 1943 Mathematics Scholarship Awardees

Awarded to: Megan R. Maloney      Angela M. Xavios


Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. Filano Mathematics Scholarship

Presented by:                          Dr. Kathleen Jackson ‘67
                                                      Dr. Lisa Marano

 Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. Filano Mathematics Scholarship Awardees

Renewed for: Sarah C. Adcock  Michael T. Tarrant   Mitchell P. Henderson   Kaitlyn C. Cannon

Awarded to: Bill Timmann


Class of 1963 Scholarship for Promising Math Education Majors

Presented by:    Mr. James Rubillo ‘63,                         DSc (Hon) ’04             

 Class of 1963 Scholarship for Promising Math Education Majors Awardee

Awarded to: Kelly M. Schmoock


Grosshans Hirsch Applied Mathematics Scholarship

Presented by:                                                      Dr. Andreas Aristotelous

                               Grosshans Hirsch Applied Mathematics Scholarship Awardee             

Awarded to:      Henry J. Brown


Frank E. Milliman Scholarship

Presented by:                                               Dr. John Kerrigan’63

Frank E. Milliman Scholarship Awardee 

Awarded to:      Sean J. Hazen


Dr. Michael P. Montemuro Memorial Scholarship

Presented by                                     Ms. Diane Montemuro Murgio ‘81

                                                                Ms. Vaune Rolfs

Dr. Michael P. Montemuro Memorial Scholarship Awardee

Awarded to: Ethan Whitney


Mary Pinder Nunan ’43 Scholarship

 Awarded to: Anna L. Dyska


Katherine Smith Math Scholarship

Presented by:             Richard and Patricia  ‘77 Smith
                                 Parents of Katherine Smith ‘11

Katherine Smith Math Scholarship Awardee

Awarded to: Julia R. Edwards


Mathematics Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Scott Parsell

 Mathematics Scholarship Awardees

Mathematics Scholarship Awardees

Mathematics Scholarship Awardees

Awarded to: Angela  J. Bussanich Tyler J. Clark Olivia A. Wilson Patrick Gillespie Sydney A. Dickson Jillian J. Blessington

Keith M. Hazen Brett R. Gillott Hannah R. McGovern R. Hunter Langel Jonathan I. Thurston Jessica A. Miller


Distinguished Service to the Applied Statistics Program Award

Presented by:                   Dr. Randall Rieger

Distinguished Service to the Applied Statistics Program Awardee

Awarded to:          Brian Wynne

Applied Statistics Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Randall Rieger

Applied Statistics Scholarship Awardees 

Awarded to:   Kimberly A. Jackson    Todd L. Randolph   Kelli H. Johnson  Kaitlyn M. SchulzJason Mendoza  Eric Terkpertey       

Mark Wiener Endowment Awards

Presented by:                                                Dr. Brian Bowen ‘94
                                                              Dr. Emily Miller

Mark Wiener Endowment Awardees

Awarded to: Kylie H. Borkowski     Amanda J. Carulli    Marissa N. Elizardo    Nicholas R. Marcil    Meredith A. Miller


Benjamin E. Faber Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Allison Kolpas

 Benjamin E. Faber Scholarship Awardee

Awarded to:           Diego  A. Jorge


Actuarial Recognition

Presented by:                                                    Dr. Peter Zimmer

Actuarial Recognition Awardees

Awarded to: Brandon Edwards    James  Whitmire


Special thank you to Dr. Lin Tan for taking pictures today!



History of Mathematics Funds


The Mathematics Scholarship (1974)

The Mathematics Scholarship was created in 1974 by the faculty of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  The initial purpose was to raise funds  for an endowment that would generate enough interest to provide several monetary awards to undergraduate majors of the department for their high academic achievements.

Class of ‘43 Scholarship (1991)

Two class members of the Class of 1943, Jean Stevenson and Oreste Leto,  established this fund in celebration of their 50th Class Reunion.

Mark Wiener Memorial Scholarship (1992)

Mark Wiener was a Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Computer Education at West Chester University.  He was the sponsor of the Anderson Math Club and was President of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics of Philadelphia and Vicinity (ATMOPAV).

Michael P. Montemuro Memorial Scholarship (1998)

Dr. Michael P. Montemuro, who served as Chair of the Department of  Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics, was a member of the University faculty for 34 years.  He was very active in the faculty union and served as president of APSCUF for 18 years.  Dr. Montemuro received the Distinguished APSCUF Service Award, the West Chester University Presidential Service Award, and was coach of the University ski team.

Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. Filano Mathematics Scholarship (2000)

Dr. Albert E. Filano was a long-serving faculty member and administrator, serving the University for more than 35 years as Professor of  Mathematics, Department Chair, Division Director, Academic Vice President, Interim  President, and advisor to the Newman Center.  The scholarship fund was established as part of the naming of Filano Hall dedicated on August 19, 2000, the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Benjamin E. Faber Endowed Scholarship (2002)

This scholarship was created by George and Karin Faber, parents of Benjamin, after his death in an automobile accident on October 30, 2001, when a deer struck his car.  Ben was a 1996 graduate of Unionville High School.  He received an associate degree with honors from Delaware County Community College and was a senior at West Chester University pursuing degrees in both mathematics and physics.  Ben was also a member of Phi Theta Kappa national honor fraternity.  Ben earned the rank of  Eagle Scout while a member of Troop 22.

Applied Statistics Endowment (2008)

The Applied Statistics Graduate Degree Program was created in Fall 2003, and this fund was created to provide an award to graduate students in the program who have shown exceptional academic achievement in their studies.

Frank E.  Milliman Endowed Scholarship (2008)

For 48 years Professor Frank Milliman taught, mentored, and advised thousands of West Chester University students.  Among his former students, one can easily find university professors, professional mathematicians, actuaries, and literally hundreds of current secondary school mathematics teachers who constantly tell us how they strive to teach mathematics, to assess student achievement (with high standards), and to be available for students the way Professor Milliman was for them.  Professor Milliman’s name will always be synonymous with the Department of Mathematics.

Mary Pinder Nunan ’43 Endowed Scholarship (2015)

When Mary Pinder was a junior at West Chester State Teachers College, she wona mathematics award for excellence.  This event, in the spring of 1942, had a great impact on Mary and she always knew that one day she would create her own scholarship for West Chester mathematics majors.  In the spring of her senior year, her dean asked her if she would be willing to substitute teach math at Pierre S. du Pont High School in Delaware.  Mary accepted the position and took the bus from outside (Old) Main Hall to Delaware every day to teach.  In May,  Mary attended her West Chester graduation and returned to du Pont Monday,  as its school year did not end until mid-June.  She graduated with the highest honors and three majors: mathematics, English, and social studies.

Actuarial Science Award Fund (2016)

Established by the Department of Mathematics, the purpose of this fund is twofold:  (1) to reimburse, either partially or fully, those West Chester students who have passed one of the actuarial examinations offered by the Society of Actuaries,  Casualty Actuarial Society, or other certifying organization; and (2) to recognize excellence in actuarial science. 


Class of 1963 Scholarship for Promising Math Education Majors (2016)

Jim Rubillo credits Albert E. Filano and Frank E. Milliman for recognizing and supporting students who demonstrated promise in mathematics education.  After graduating in 1963, Jim embarked on a 47-year career in public education.  He remained active within several mathematics professional associations at the state and national levels and provided teacher professional development programs in 50 states and across Canada.  Most recently,  Jim served as the Executive Director of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) for eight years.  Jim received the Ross Taylor/Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Award of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, and the NCTM  Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics Education.  Jim also received the University’s Distinguished Alumni Award and an honorary Doctor of Science degree.  This scholarship awards a math education senior who demonstrates leadership and excellence in mathematics education courses.


Grosshans Hirsch Applied Mathematics Endowment (2016)

Dr. Michael Hirsch graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Computer Science.  He later attained a Masters in Applied Mathematics from the University of Delaware and a Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Research from the University of Florida.  Dr. Hirsch credits Dr. Frank Grosshans, an accomplished West Chester University faculty member and mathematician, for introducing him to the government defense field, where he has spent over 20  years developing solutions for both defense and commercial problems. Today, Michael is the owner and President of ISEA TEK (Industrial & Systems Engineering  Analysis Technologies). This scholarship recognizes a mathematics major who demonstrates potential and excellence in several core mathematics courses.

Katherine Smith Math Endowment (2016)

Katherine Smith graduated from West Chester University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education.  Katherine's father, Richard, and mother, Patricia who is a 1977 West Chester University alumna, established this scholarship in honor of their daughter.  This scholarship recognizes a student majoring in mathematics who demonstrates high academic achievement in the view of mathematics faculty.

M.S. Applied Statistics Fund (2016)

Established following the generous contribution of alumna. April Taylor M ’11, this fund offers support for programming, speakers, or events that enhance the experience of students and alumni of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program.

James L’heureux Scholarship (2017)

Dr. James L’heureux joined the faculty of West Chester State College in 1969.  In 1974, Professors L’heureux, Branton, Morgan, and Verno raised $112 from selling books, which marked the beginning of the Mathematics Scholarship Fund.  Under the leadership of Dr. L’heureux, this fund grew to over $100,000 by his retirement in 2000 and today it has a balance of well over $750,000.  In addition to the Mathematics Scholarship Fund, Dr. L’heureux also encouraged friends of the Department to establish other scholarship funds for our students.  The L’heureux Endowment was established by colleagues of Dr. L’heureux in recognition of and gratitude for all he has done for the Department and our students.