Information Security Officer (ISO)

Mr. Frank J. Piscitello, Jr.

Mr. Piscitello, the Information Security Officer, is responsible for developing and monitoring practices to ensure that West Chester University's administrative information is secure from unauthorized access, protected from inappropriate alteration, physically secure, and available to authorized users in a timely fashion.

The ISO's duties include training in and dissemination of security policies and practices as well as assist developing strategies and plans to provide for timely business resumption in the event a serious disruption.

Other duties of the Information Security Officer include:

  • work in conjunction with WCU technical staff and personnel in campus departments
  • assure overall responsibility for assessing and monitoring the security of WCU’s computers, networks and data
  • formulate and promulgate campus standards for security and review relevant policies and procedures in the context of these standards
  • educate, advise and train staff on approaches for ensuring the security of university networks, systems and data
  • develop crisis management procedures;
  • assist with emergency response and disaster recovery
  • directly assist in resolution of serious incidents, including coordination with the campus judiciary system and law enforcement agencies
  • participate in the evaluation and implementation of security-related technologies, such as authentication/authorization mechanisms, encryption, certificate services, anti-virus software, network filtering, firewalls, proxy servers;
  • work closely with the various administrative systems security administrator to manage the access and authorization to applications and data warehouses;
  • work with data access policy administrators and other campus stakeholders to define, implement, monitor and document data access/security procedures in accordance with university policy, so as to ensure an enterprise-wide data-critical operation of the university on a 24 x 7 basis.
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