Dr. John M. Pisciotta

Dr. John Pisciotta

Associate Professor of Biology

  • B.A. Eckerd College
  • M.S. University of South Florida
  • Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
  • Office:  SSN 376
  • Voice: 610-738-0540
  • Email Dr. John M. Pisciotta

Courses Taught

  • Bio-514 Graduate Biological Research Techniques w/ Lab
  • Bio-536 Graduate Special Topics in Bioenergy
  • Bio-474 Microbial Ecology w/ Lab
  • Bio-414 Industrial Microbiology
  • Bio-452 Parasitology 
  • Bio-464/564 Microbial Physiology w/ Lab
  • Bio-214 General Microbiology Lab
  • Bio-101 General Biology Lab

Course Under Development:

  • Bio-20X Solar and Sustainable Energy
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