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Prepare for Global Success With a B.S. in Supply Chain Management From West Chester University

In a global economy, an efficient supply chain ensures products move from supplier to end user on time and on budget. Recent news around the world has highlighted supply chain issues resulting in shortages of everything from antibiotics and airplane parts to pasta and cement. If you want to impact the world, the Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management program at WCU might be for you.

As a student in the Supply Chain Management degree program, you'll gain skills in procurement, logistics, operations, and supply chain management. You'll also integrate classroom knowledge from your supply chain management courses with practical experience through manufacturing plant tours; case competitions; and Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) in data processing training.

In today's marketplace, employees who can work across disciplines and departments to find solutions are highly valued by employers. Our degree in Supply Chain Management will help you hone those skills and prepare you for the global economy.

The supply chain management major is offered through our AACSB-accredited College of Business and Public Administration (CBPM). With a focus on academic innovation, globalization, sustainability, and community partnerships, the CBPM instills a growth mindset in our students, encouraging them to be impactful, inspiring, interdisciplinary, innovative, and inclusive.


Tracks in the Supply Chain Management Major

Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Healthcare supply chain management is a complex and growing field. From obtaining resources and managing supplies to delivering goods and services to providers and patients, healthcare supply management leaders promote efficiency and create cost-reducing opportunities throughout the supply chain.

In this concentration, you'll gain a wide range of knowledge and skills, including:

  • Regulatory management
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Product development
  • Inventory management
  • Distribution management

In short, WCU will prepare you to enter the highly competitive healthcare supply chain management industry.

General Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management program teaches students how to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness through innovative operational and supply chain processes.

In this concentration you'll gain a wide range of knowledge and skills, including:

  • Project management
  • Demand planning
  • Distribution and operations management
  • Business analytics
  • Corporate finance

Benefits of Earning Your Supply Chain Management Degree at West Chester University

Stand Out in a Growing Field

AACSB accreditation is the gold standard for business schools worldwide. Our College of Business and Public Management will provide you with a global approach to supply chain management backed by an internationally recognized accreditation to prepare you for this growing field.

Earn a certification to bolster your transcript and your resume. Thanks to WCU's participation in SAP's University Alliance program, students are eligible to receive an SAP Student Recognition Award. Students can also become Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM). CPIM is internationally recognized as the premier professional certification for supply chain and operations management.

Enjoy Hands-on Learning

You will focus on the merging of theory and practice when you put your classroom experiences to the test by training with industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, competing in case conferences, participating in the technology pioneer program, and joining the Supply Chain and Business Intelligence Club.

Learn About the Industry Landscape

In our program, you won't only learn about the global supply chain in the classroom, you'll talk about it with experts in the field. Our classes routinely visit plants in the region like Amazon, Harley Davidson, UPS, and Martin Guitars, giving you the opportunity to see goods as they come off the line, while trips to ports give you an up-close and personal view of imports, exports, and logistics. WCU also sponsors hot topic seminars to talk about emerging trends, and information sessions with Fortune 500 speakers.


What Can You Do With a Supply Chain Management Major?

Supply chain management includes a variety of positions, from purchasing and procurement to logisticians and distribution managers. Depending on specialization, job growth is estimated between 9 percent and 18 percent through 2032.

Entry-level supply chain management positions typically start in the $40,000–$60,000 salary range, but increase dramatically with additional certifications, skills, and experience. The average supply chain manager salary in Pennsylvania is $109,417, with a typical range between $96,165 and $126,377.

Supply chain management plays a central role in the global economy and graduates of our degree in Supply Chain Management program will find a wide range of career options, including:

  • Project manager
  • Demand planner
  • Production planner
  • Distribution or operations manager
  • Purchaser
  • Customer relationship specialist
  • Supply chain analyst
  • Process improvement coach

What Will You Study as a Degree in Supply Chain Management Student?

Our interdisciplinary curriculum includes classes across the College of Business, like management, marketing, finance, and analytics, as well as courses in math, ethics, and philosophy to prepare you to manage in a global environment.

B.S. in Supply Chain Management

Code Title Credits
Academic Foundations
First Year Experience requirement4
English Composition requirement6-7
Mathematics requirement 13-4
Select one of the following:
MAT 113
Algebra and Functions
MAT 115
Algebra, Functions, and Trigonometry
MAT 131
MAT 143
Brief Calculus 2
MAT 161
Calculus I 2
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Ethics requirement3
Distributed Disciplinary Foundations
Science requirement 36-8
GEO 104
Introduction to Geospatial Technology and Analytics
or CSC 112
Programming & Data Science
Behavioral & Social Science requirement6
ECO 111
Principles of Economics (Macro) 1
or ECO 112
Principles of Economics (Micro)
SOC 240
Sociology of the Family 4
Humanities requirement6
PHI 180
Introduction to Ethics
or PHI 101
Introduction to Philosophy
or PHI 150
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
HIS 100
Contemporary Global History 5
or HIS 101
History of Civilization I
Arts requirement3
University Requirements
Writing Emphasis requirement9
Speaking Emphasis requirement9
SPK 208
Public Speaking
or SPK 230
Business and Professional Speech Communication
Degree Requirements
Capstone requirement1-15
Pre-Business Requirements 1,6
ECO 111Principles of Economics (Macro)3
ECO 112Principles of Economics (Micro)3
ACC 201Financial Accounting3
ECO 251Business Analytics I3
or MAT 121 Introduction to Statistics I
MAT 143Brief Calculus 23
or MAT 161 Calculus I
MKT 250Principles of Marketing3
MGT 200Principles of Management3
Business Core 1,7
ACC 202Managerial Accounting3
BLA 201Legal Environment of Business3
ECO 351Business Analytics II3
FIN 325Corporate Finance3
MGT 313Business and Society3
MGT 341Production and Operations Management3
SCM Major Courses 1,7
MIS 300Introduction to Management Information Systems3
SCM 351Supply Chain Management3
SCM 381Quality Management3
SCM 391Purchasing & Supply Management3
SCM 388Plant Tours in Business Process Management3
or SCM 499 Supply Chain Management Consulting
SCM Major Electives 1
Choose any 300/400-level courses within the supply chain area (SCM) that are not already required courses in the Supply Chain Core.6
SCM 361
Principles of Project Management
SCM 371
Logistics Management
SCM 387
Supply Chain Management in China
SCM 483
Supply Chain Management Internship 8
SCM 488
Small Business Operations
Free Electives
Complete 18 credits. 918
Capstone Requirement
MGT 499Business Policy and Strategy 1,103
Total Minimum Credits Required120

A minimum grade of C must be earned in this course. If not, course must be repeated until a minimum of C is earned. Students are limited to six course repeats; a single course may not be repeated more than twice.


Students that place directly into calculus (MAT 143/MAT 161) and complete the course with a C or better will have satisfied their General Education Mathematics requirement. In lieu of taking a prerequisite for calculus (i.e., MAT 113/MAT 115/MAT 131), students will have a free elective.


This requirement is waived for internal and external transfer students who have earned 45 or more credits or have already taken two approved general education science classes.


Or the second Behavioral and Social Sciences course can be chosen from one of the following areas: Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, or Government.


The second course can be chosen from either Literature or History courses.


Must be completed prior to applying to any business major.


A minimum GPA of 2.50 is required to register for 300- or 400- level business classes.


Only 3 credits of SCM 483 can be used toward the SCM Major Electives requirement.


Students in an accelerated program should take 12 graduate credits.


This course fulfills the Capstone requirement.

Accelerated B.S. in Supply Chain Management to M.S. in Geography Program

Students must apply to the Accelerated M.S. in Geography program after successful completion of 60 undergraduate credits with a 3.0 minimum GPA. If accepted, the student will receive conditional acceptance to the M.S. in Geography program contingent on successful completion of their undergraduate degree. Students must complete the Accelerated Program Application prior to enrolling in M.S. in Geography courses during their 3rd year. Students may substitute up to 12 graduate credits for student electives to satisfy the B.S. program requirements.

Code Title Credits
Free Electives
GEO 502Topical Seminar in Geography3
GEO 506Seminar in Physical Geography3
GEO 507Internet Applications of Geographic Information Systems3
GEO 521Suburbanization and Land Development3
GEO 524Population Processes3
GEO 526Metropolitan Systems and Problems3
GEO 531Transportation Planning3
GEO 538Environmental Modeling with Geographic Information Systems3
GEO 554Geography and Planning of Housing3
GEO 556Introduction to Business GIS3
GEO 572Seminar in Resource Management3
GEO 577Geodatabases3
PLN 505Planning Design (Studio A)3
PLN 525Planning History, Theory and Ethics3
PLN 527Planning Law and Organization3
PLN 528Economic Development Planning3
PLN 536Environmental Planning3

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