Program Overview

If you have a strong interest in both science and the arts and humanities, the Bachelor of Science in Sciences and Mathematics is for you! The BS program prepares you for careers that combine the sciences with liberal arts fields, such as the humanities, art, literature, and history, (to name a few) or social and behavioral sciences. This program can be customized to your specific interests and career aspirations. As a student in this program, you might, for instance, minor in both biology and technical writing, with plans to become a medical editor in the future. Our students have combined public health with sociology, communications with geography & planning, and music with psychology to create their own courses of study.


Program Highlights

  • Faculty experts

  • Flexible Program

  • Personalized advisors

  • Program tailored to your individual interests and career aspirations

  • Study abroad options

  • Collaborative faculty research projects available


What can I do with this degree?

The Bachelor of Science in Sciences and Mathematics is a custom program. As a result, our graduates hold positions as varied as their courses of study, including:

  • Music teacher
  • Talent acquisition specialist
  • AVP and Financial Solutions Advisor
  • Sound engineer and photographer
  • Executive client manager
  • Accounting and financial recruiting manager
  • Sales and logistics coordinator
  • Lead client integration specialist
  • Director of software and reporting

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