Program Overview

Interested in teaching physics? The world needs you! The enrollment in high school physics courses has been increasing at a rate of 1% per year for the past two decades, but there is a serious shortage of physics teachers. The B.S.Ed. in Physics program provides a solid background in physics, mathematics, and related sciences in preparation for a teaching career in secondary education. Students who complete this program earn a B.S.Ed. degree as well as teacher certification in the state of Pennsylvania. Our program is NCATE accredited and fully compliant with PA State Legislation governing secondary education programs. Our students complete 24 core credits in Physics and a full semester of student teaching at a regional high school.


Program Highlights

  • NCATE Accredited

  • Hands-on teaching opportunities

  • Weekly Physics Tea in the Physics Library

  • Physics Talks and Seminars

  • Member of the 5+ Club


What can I do with this degree?

This program trains students to become Physics educators at the high school level. Only 1/3 of openings for Physics teachers at the high school level are filled by teachers with a background in Physics. You WILL be in demand!

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