Program Overview

Our Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy or Religious Studies programs offers students the chance to individualize their studies and work closely with faculty in a wide variety of areas, including Ethics, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Epistemology. You can study the great thinkers of the past, and the issues currently facing our society. In addition to our two majors, we offer minors in Philosophy, religious Studies, Applied Ethics, and Peace and Conflict studies. Get Involved: Bhakti Yoga Club Bridges International Catholic Newman Student Association Cru Gospel ministries Hillel Jewish Student Union Impact Movement Lutheran Student Association Mindfulness Meditation Group Muslim Student Association Philosophy Club Young Life of Chester County




Philosophy's basic questions "What can I know? What may I hope? What must I do?" pose themselves throughout our lives. The study of philosophy teaches close reading, careful thinking, and the critique of ideas; skills that are transferable to any career you choose. Our Philosophy program provides a background in the major figures and ideas that have shaped contemporary thought and life. Students take a core set of courses and are able to select additional courses to meet their personal interests, leading to an individualized program. The major is designed to prepare students for their future careers and life, and is flexible enough to allow for a second major.

Religious Studies

From the dawn of civilization, people have used rituals and symbols to express their deepest hopes, celebrate major milestones, and mourn their losses. Religious Studies offers an opportunity to explore religion as a human phenomenon in all its diversity. The field of Religious Studies is particularly pertinent today, given the intersection between religious belief, public policy, and international politics. The Religious Studies major is an interdisciplinary, comparative approach to the variety of religious traditions and experiences we find in the world. Students develop an appreciation of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, crucial to many fields. The major allows for electives from other disciplines, as appropriate, and can easily be coupled to another major.


Program Highlights

  • Offers three annual undergraduate paper awards: Hoffman Award for Asian Philosophy, Streveler Research Award, and the Tournier Ethics Research Award

  • Member of the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium, and of the Interdisciplinary Association for Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Offers an accelerated B.A. to M.A. program for those seeking further graduate study.

  • Study abroad opportunities


What can I do with this degree?

Philosophy majors go on to succeed in a wide variety of fields: government, law, journalism, technical or non-technical writing, public policy, education, etc. Philosophy develops effective communication, good critical thinking and problem solving skills, and attention to details and accuracy, all of which prove vital to excelling in many fields.

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