Program Overview

The Bachelor of Music in Music History provides intensive training in the materials and methods of music history. Your education will encompass the literature, genres, forms, styles, and technical vocabulary of Western art music, popular music (including folk, rock, and jazz), and various world music styles. In addition, you will receive training in the advanced research tools of music history and use this knowledge to develop your senior thesis, a piece that shows your unique interests as a music historian. The curriculum, focused on the development of musical style, will prepare you to think critically about the evolution of music over time. The Wells School of Music at WCU houses all music majors and Presser Music Library, tons of practice rooms and performance spaces, and is a certified All-Steinway School. Wells also offers more than 30 student ensembles to fit your interests and your instrument, from steel drum and jazz to opera theatre and chamber winds. Our students receive hands-on opportunities both in the classroom and in practice, and develop their skills through a personalized education experience and tight-knit music community.


Program Highlights

  • A comprehensive curriculum complemented by humanistic and cultural perspectives
  • Training in materials and methods of all music genres, including pop/rock, jazz, opera, and world music
  • Experience in Medieval through Baroque style and performance practice study for voices, viola da gamba, lute, recorder, and other instruments in the Collegium Musicum Ensemble
  • Prominent lectures in historical musicology and ethnomusicology
  • Faculty advised research opportunities

What can I do with this degree?

Our graduates go on to advanced study and to immediate professional placements. They can be found in careers including:

  • Professor of historical musicology
  • Professor of musicology
  • Music librarian
  • Business owner
  • Music educator
  • Sound artist

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