Program Overview

WCU is proud to educate citizen scholars, globetrotters, and engaged leaders who will make a difference in the world around them. If you're ready to get started, WCU is here to help with new certificate options available through your General Education coursework. The Pathway Certificate Programs are designed to address three major themes: Community Engagement, Sustainability, and Global Awareness. Each program encourages critical thinking, engagement in the world outside your door, and communication skills. The 12-credit certificates are available to degree-seeking undergraduate students and will appear on your transcript.



Community Engagement

Designed to foster civic engagement and a commitment to the public good, this pathway emphasizes involvement in community projects designed to meet public needs like direct service, advocacy, research, and/or community organizing. Learning goals for this pathway are communication, critical and analytical thinking, diversity, and ethical choices.

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Global Awareness

Designed to provide students with an understanding of their role as global citizens, this pathway focuses on global interdependence. Learning goals include global knowledge, understanding and perspective; critical thinking skills; and engagement in a global society.

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Designed to prepare students in the process of learning and leading change, this pathway focuses on working toward an improved quality of life and wellbeing for all; meeting the needs of present and future generations; justice and equity; and living within ecosystem limits. This pathway explores sustainability as a multifaceted field that includes economics, environmental science, aesthetics, philosophy, and social and cultural aspects. The learning goals of this pathway include envisioning and creating positive futures, cultivating a sustainability perspective, understanding and using systems thinking to solve problems, and understanding the dynamics and limits of natural and social systems.

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Program Highlights

  • Depending on pathway chosen, certificate may fit within general education requirements without additional courses needed
  • Skills gained through certificates are applicable across all industries
  • Certificate designation will appear on your transcript

Why Earn a Certificate?

With a focus on critical thinking and communication skills as well as community engagement, the General Education Pathway Certificates are applicable across all industries. Certificates will be noted on transcripts, and are excellent resume builders as you enter your professional career.

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