Program Overview

We are proud to provide a M.S. degree in Transformative Education and Social Change (TESC) that seeks to support educators in the examination of the transformative potential of teaching and learning. Candidates in the program will be given the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences, analyze the issues confronting contemporary education and society, and explore justice-oriented frameworks in order to build a better educational vision for the future. This cohort-based program is ideal for K-12 teachers, community-based educators, and community organizers who are committed to diversity, access, inclusion, and justice in a variety of contexts (suburban, urban, and rural).



Education for Sustainability

Education For Sustainability (EFS) is a rapidly emerging field that is guided by a vision of a sustainable society and rooted in a simple truth: we learn what we live. EFS practitioners are trained professionals who understand the challenge of sustainability and who have been prepared to teach others, to catalyze institutional and cultural change, and to model sustainable ways of living. The EFS curriculum develops the necessary knowledge, skills, and perspectives in a way that integrates classroom work with outdoor, experiential, and project-based learning. This track results in a Certificate in Sustainability. 

Educational Technology

Effective teaching in the 21st century requires innovation, problem solving, creativity, continuous improvement, research, diagnostic use of data, and flexible and personalized approaches to meeting students' diverse needs and strengths. The goal of Educational Technology track is to support professional educators with technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise and learning experiences that empower and inspire them to provide more effective learning for all learners. This track results in a Certificate in Educational Technology. 

Urban Education

The Urban Education track focuses on issues of inequity and justice in urban education struggles, the history of education in Philadelphia, and much more. Students are encouraged by professors in Urban Education classes to investigate issues in the urban educational context that are personal and meaningful to their growth as educators who will seek transformative change. This track results in a Certificate in Urban Education. 



Program Highlights

  • Coursework meets level II teacher certification requirements
  • Graduate certificates available in: Educational Technology, Education for Sustainability, Higher Education Policy & Student Affairs, and Urban Education
  • Evening classes for adult learners
  • Affordable tuition and available graduate assistantships
  • Courses taught by internationally recognized professors who are committed scholars and activists in their respective fields
  • Provides an excellent foundation for further study at the doctoral level

What can I do with this degree?

  • Teachers Administrators
  • Nonprofit Education
  • Educational Grants and Research
  • Community Organizers Activists

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  • An annual conference provides students with the opportunity to present their work within an internationally recognized, academic forum.
  • A post-graduation publication workshop provides an opportunity for students to publish their work in partnered journals and periodicals.