Program Overview

The Master of Education in Secondary Education program has been offered at WCU for more than 70 years. Today, the program offers three options to train teachers to become leaders and to inspire learning in students. Students explore the history and nature of education and public schools, the historical effects of socioeconomic disparity and racial/cultural bias on the development of public schools, curriculum, and student achievement, as well as adolescent development and the various societal issues that affect development. Courses throughout the program are connected by themes of social justice, culturally relevant pedagogy, and conversations of the social content of education and communities influence on public schools and adolescence.



Master’s Education with Certification

This program allows candidates to earn a Master’s degree and teacher certification simultaneously.  The program includes graduate courses in educational foundations, special education, literacy, English Language Learners and content specific learning and teaching courses. Candidates participate in field placements and a full semester of student teaching.  Accepted candidates will develop a plan of study with their graduate advisor that best suits their needs.

Master’s Education with Certification Residency

The M.Ed. Residency option is a 13-month program that includes an intensive summer program of foundational principles of teaching followed by a one year residency in a public school. Candidates will be paired with a mentor teacher and work alongside them to build their pedagogical skills and pedagogical content knowledge. Candidates who successfully complete the program earn an M.Ed. degree and teacher certification simultaneously.

Master’s Education with Certification Woodrow Wilson Residency

In partnership with the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and Philadelphia Public Schools, West Chester University (WCU) offers the  Woodrow Wilson PA Teaching Fellowship (WWTF) Program. The WWTF Program is an innovative 13-month, apprenticeship-based program for individuals with a deep commitment to teaching mathematics or science in a high-need school district. Working from the model of medical residencies, the program provides graduate education, intensive classroom experiences with a master teacher, and three years of mentoring and professional development in the schools where they teach. Resident Fellows work with faculty in the Department of Secondary Education during their program. Resident Fellows who successfully complete the program earn an M.Ed. degree and teacher certification simultaneously. Graduates then make a three-year commitment to teach at a high needs public school in Philadelphia.




Program Highlights

  • Immersive classroom experiences
  • Earn teacher certification simultaneously with master’s degree
  • Hands-on advisors and mentors
  • Rooted in social justice
  • Opportunity for specializations
  • Stipend and tuition credit (Woodrow Wilson Residency)

What can I do with this degree?


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