Program Overview

The Master of Education in Applied Studies in Teaching and Learning program gives experienced educators an opportunity to advance the knowledge and skills needed to be teacher-leaders within their profession. This program recognizes the value of experience; it has been developed to strengthen and deepen the practice of educators through course work designed to emphasize reflection, collaboration, and classroom-based inquiry. This 30-credit program includes an 18-credit core requirement, a 6-credit area of focused inquiry, the development of a professional portfolio, and a six-credit, classroom-based inquiry project.



Area of Focused Inquiry (6 credits)

Students complete 6 credits of elective course work to complete an area of focused inquiry. Areas currently include the following: 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder 
  • Culturally responsive education 
  • Education for sustainability 
  • Inclusion/special education 
  • Literacy 
  • Teaching English as a second language 
  • Technology 

Open area: Students are encouraged to propose their own focus areas based on personal interests and needs and available graduate-level offerings at West Chester University. These areas would be developed with faculty in the student’s area of interest and approved by the early and middle grades graduate coordinator.


Program Highlights

  • The M.Ed. in Applied Studies is designed to foster inquiry in teachers’ daily work with children and adolescents. 

  • Assignments are adapted to individual teaching contexts. 

  • Teachers enrolled in the M.Ed. program work in various educational settings including: Pre-Kindergarten, K-6th grade general and inclusive classrooms, 6th-12th grade content area classrooms including reading/language arts, science, mathematics, special education including gifted education, special areas including art, music, and family consumer science, as well as cyber/online settings. 

  • Students select 6 credits of electives to develop an area of focused inquiry. Examples include: Special Education, educational technology, Literacy, Mathematics, and Teacher Leadership.


What can I do with this degree?

Most teachers who complete the M.Ed. in Applied Studies plan to remain in their classrooms and are prepared to continue professional learning independently or pursue additional graduate studies.

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