Returning Student & Retention Grants

Team Members


Amanda Corsi, Associate Registrar

Jen Long, Director, Career Development

Marci Major, Chair, Department of Music Education and Music Therapy, Associate Professor in Music Education


Michael Bray, Academic Agreements and Contracts Coordinator

Stevie Grassetti, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Harry Holt, Associate Professor of Health

Marci Major, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Music Education

Daniel McIlhenny, Executive Director, Financial Aid

Lindsey Mosvick, Associate Director, Center for Women and Gender Equity

Margaret Ottley, Professor of Sports Psychology

Stephanie Reid, Business Manager, College of Arts and Humanities

Jennifer Ruggiero-Patel, Assistant Director, New Student Programs

Carolyn Sorisio, Professor of Literature

Lisa Yannick, Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Why is this important?

Financial holds are intended to ensure collection of owed balances but often do just the opposite. Students who leave because of holds often do not return to pay their bills. Worse, even relatively small financial setbacks can mean the difference between completing courses and dropping out. (Student Success Playbook, Rec. 2, EAB)

What are we going to do?

WCU will develop plans and processes to award mini-grants or other financial assistance to address small account balances for qualified students. The Participating Institution will set the amount and determine the administrative process for assigning such grants or awards. Student accounts will be reviewed regularly, with grants provided strategically and proactively.

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