Hold Reform

Team Members


Marie Bunner, Associate Director, Academic Success Program; Associate Professor, University College

Rita Patel Eng, Student Success Coordinator, Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC)

Brenda Small, Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Services


Tara Easterling, Department Coordinator, Political Science

Will Hillegeist, Business Manager, Wells College of Music

Lisa Marano, Associate Dean, College of Sciences and Mathematics

Tori Nuccio, Deputy Director of Financial Aid

Kelly Peltier, Program Counselor, Business and Criminal Justice

Laurie Palumbo, Assistant Professor, University Libraries

Mike Roche, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Eleanor Shevlin, Professor and Graduate Coordinator of English

Katie Solic, Associate Professor of Literacy

Lauren Zahour, Assistant Director, Office of Student Conduct

Why is this important?

Complex registration processes add barriers and confuse students, often discouraging them from reenrolling. The most common barriers are registration holds levied by offices to compel students to complete paperwork, pay balances, or carry out other transactions. (Student Success Playbook, Rec. 1, EAB)

What are we going to do?

WCU will conduct an audit of all registration holds and eliminate or revise those that are unnecessary, obsolete, or burdensome. Any new registration hold practices will be reviewed and approved by using WCU’s governance practices prior to implementation.

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