Over the past year, we have learned incredibly valuable lessons about each other, working remotely, and the people who make up this amazing institution as a community of educators. I am hopeful that later this year we will be able to gather together once again to collaborate and explore possibilities that touch many lives in meaningful ways—one user-centric, inclusive technology at time.

As we continue to move toward the end goal of the completion of Science and Engineering Center and the Commons (SECC) capital project working with Facilities and other partners, IS&T is excited to lead the digital transformation of reimagined spaces in this facility to maximize the integration between teaching and research, and foster collaboration between multi-disciplinary programs. There will be several historic firsts ranging from overall technology infrastructure footprint in the building to support several thousand users and devices simultaneously, wireless access points that will seamlessly carry a user’s indoor experience to the outdoors, powered fiber that will get network connectivity and power (PoE) to areas that extend beyond the 300ft. ethernet limitations, simulation technology for the Duey Center for Immersive Learning, next generation classrooms for collaborative active learning environment, and contactless technology using Seos platform for building access.

As always, IS&T look forward to serving you and the WCU community.

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JT Singh, Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

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