Dear WCU Community,

As we actively prepare for the remote instruction for Fall, I hope you are able to take time to relax, reflect, and learn from all that we have experienced these past several months. The amount of innovation, sheer determination, and problem solving accomplished to support the university’s mission has been—and continues to be—incredible. It is clear that teaching and learning has never been more reliant on technology.

Working together with the campus community over the summer, Information Services and Technology introduced several news tools for our community and expanded access to others, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365 (Teams), Kaltura Streaming Services and D2L Learning Management System. We are introducing an improved RamCloud (Virtual Desktop/Application service) that is designed to meet the demands of our remotely connected students, faculty, and staff. We have implemented a technology lending program, including laptops, webcams, and mobile hotspots for students without access to internet and partnered with major vendors like Dell, Lenovo and Apple to provide educational discounts for students. We have created online training modules focused on assisting faculty and students with the transition from in-person classes to remote learning. There are many more examples in this newsletter of innovations across our community of educators that support a world-class WCU educational experience with creative technology and excellent customer service.

We know that you have many questions and we want to help. Please see the link on our newly designed IST website to a series of IT Frequently Asked Questions and access our service portal called ServiceNow to find answers by browsing our knowledge articles, or open a ServiceNow support ticket for any additional needs.

Be safe and well, and rest assured that we are working to serve you during this unusual time.

View the Summer 2020 IS&T Newsletter


JT Singh, Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

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