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Learning Assist & Resource Center (LARC)

The LARC serves over 2000 students per semester and offers resources, such as tutoring, supplemental instruction, early alert, academic success workshops, PAPA workshops, probation and continued probation programs.  

Physical Address:
224 Lawrence Center 
Community Service:
On/Off Campus:

Student Assistant (Pay Band 1)

Supervisor Contact Information
Gerardina Martin
(610) 738-0496
Courtney Lloyd
(610) 436-2402
Position Responsibilities:
Customer Relations, Customer Service, Data Input, General Office, Public Relations, Projects and research consistent with LARC programs
Involves the following:
This position will provide general assistance with:
1. Assists the Director with projects 2. Collate booklets 3. Assist with Scheduling students. 4. Assists in the gathering and processing of data for reports utilizing a variety of computer programs. 5. Helps schedule tutoring sessions using computerized system 6. Helps develop materials for workshops and seminars 7. Helps to maintain tutoring records including attendance, Student Record of Sessions, logs, and other applicable records 8. Has knowledge of standard office procedures and practices 9. Files tutor information 10. Other duties as assigned
Specific duties as they relate to this department:
1. Check in with LARC Staff 2. Tutoring Registration 3. Assignments folder 4. Sharing work with other offices 5. Copying and keeping forms supplied (copy bin) 6. Drop list and Wait List 7. Errands (including biweekly trips to the library room 508, Mitchell,3rd floor, and 624 S. High Street) 8. Daily mail 9. Completing Training and Supervision Logs 10.Book Inventory (including a book inventory of the library) and supplies inventory 11. Update tutor contact information in front computer 12. Scanning folders of ex-tutors and shredding documents as needed. 13. Other duties as assigned
Learning Outcomes:
The LARC is committed to excellence in student learning and assessment of learning outcomes. Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experiences in a higher education office setting, while learning work habits, communication skills, and problem solving.