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College of Education & Social Work

Mission, Vision, & Conceptual Framework

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College of Education & Social Work

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Mission, Vision, & Conceptual framework


The College of Education and Social Work (CESW) prepares highly-skilled and ethical professionals to become fair-minded critical thinkers and change agents who act with integrity in the pursuit of knowledge and strive for excellence within their professions. The CESW fosters a culture of reflection, evidenced-based practices, intellectual discourse, and respect for human diversity. CESW empowers students to make a significant impact on the world to improve individual and family lives and strengthening educational, health or community systems.


The West Chester University College of Education and Social Work embraces a transformative vision of learning as a life-long endeavor. We will be a leader in preparing professionals who advance social justice and address the contemporary challenges of a global society.

Conceptual framework

Educator Preparation Programs

The Mission and Vision of The College of Education and Social Work provide an integrated framework for teaching, learning, and professional behaviors. The Mission, which is the core of the Conceptual Framework for each Educator Preparation Program (EPP), is accomplished through:

  • Teaching: We value excellence in our academic and instructional pursuits. We are committed to applying research and theory in practice facilitated through meaningful engagement with Candidates.
  • Research and Scholarhip: We believe in engaging Candidates in scholarly excellence and research that contributes to the field of education, schools, and communities.
  • Local and Global Partnerships: We commit to working cooperatively in establishing meaningful partnerships with P-12 educational systems as well as univeristy, local, and national communities to improve the educational outcomes, economic vitality, and well-being of everyone.
  • Leadership: We believe in fostering the leadership skills of all Candidates.
  • Service: We believe meaningful learning occurs when Candidates engage in personal and professional development in serving the needs of others.
  • Innovative Practice: We believe in creating innovative experiences and approaches to advance new knowledge, solve problems, and improve our practice.
  • Ethics and Values: We strive to uphold the highest ethical standards and strive for personal and professional integrity.

This framework and methods of delivery guides the work in each EPP. In fulfilling its mission, the EPP educates Candidates who are:

  • Lifelong Learners who have an enduring purpose to become a better professional with high expectations for themselves and others.
    Scholars who actively engage with the discovery of new knowledge or broaden and deepen existing knowledge, and apply knowledge to affect improvement.
  • Scholars who actively engage with the discovery of new knowledge or broaden and deepen existing knowledge, and apply knowledge to affect improvement.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Makers who use data-driven facts and intellectual standards to make informed decisions.
  • Reflective and Skilled Practitioners who have the ability to analyze, assess, and revise practice in light of students' performance, learning theory, research, and constructive feedback.
  • Social Justice Advocates who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to confront social inequality and promote equity within their sphere of influence (Adams, 2010).
  • Innovators of Applied Technology who have the ability to use and leverage technology to address the needs of all learners.

Developing professional behaviors is essential to the EPPs. The EPPs take pride in developing the Professional Dispositions and Requirements essential to the professional field. The EPPs are committed to Candidates. Our programs not only educate Candidates, but they monitor those behaviors and provide strategic support as Candidates matriculate though their program.

Social Work Programs

The Conceptual Framework definitions for social work programs will be posted soon.

Mission & Vision Framework for CESW. Starting top left on the outer circle - Evidence-Based Decision Makers- Innovators of Applied Technology- Lifelong Learners- Reflective & Skilled Practitioners, Scholrs, Social Justice Advocates. Inner Circle. Theics & Valuesn Teaching, Applied Practice, Research & Scholarship, Service, Local & Global Partnerships, Leadership, Innovative Practice.

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