Merry L. Staulters

Merry L. Staulters

  • Associate Professor
  • B.S. Wheelock College, Boston, MA
  • M.S. State University of New York at Albany
  • Ph.D. State University of New York at Albany


Mimi Staulters, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Special Education at West Chester University. She earned her PhD in Educational Psychology at the University of New York at Albany. Mimi has 13 years of experience teaching students who have special needs in both urban and suburban school districts. Mimi was formerly an associate professor at Widener University in Chester, PA.

Mimi’s current research interests include the use of service learning to prepare pre-service teacher candidates, practical experiences for developing teacher behaviors associated with literacy, and children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders. She is currently engaged in research related to improving the literacy skills of adjudicated youth in urban settings. She has consulted internationally, to engage rural Jamaican educators in methods and strategies for teaching mathematics.

Some of her recent professional work includes:

Staulters, M., Blank, N., & Miller, A. (2018, Feb.). Feasibility and efficacy of a community-university partnership for youthful offenders. Presentation at the Eastern Educational Research Association, Clearwater, FL.

Blank, N., & Staulters, M. (2018, Feb.). The challenges of implementing and evaluating a university-based literacy service-learning experience program for youthful offenders.

Presentation at the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD.

Staulters, M., Blank, N., Fitzsimmons, L., Haggerty, P., Ninos, M., Fox, B., Newell, S., McCallister, J., Zoll, B., & Isola, N. (2017, Mar.). Changes in teacher candidates’ perceptions after tutoring justice involved urban youth. Symposium, Eastern Educational Research Association Conference, Richmond, VA.

Reisboard, D. Martinelli, A., McHenry, N. C., & Staulters, M. L. (2017, Mar.). Community Engaged Teacher Education: Preparing Culturally Proficient Leaders in An Urban Setting. Symposium, Eastern Educational Research Association Conference, Richmond, VA.

McHenry, N., Reisboard, D., Staulters, M., and Hughes, B. (2016, April). Maximizing spaces of possibility - Community engaged teacher education. Presentation to the Annual PA-National Association for Multicultural Education, West Chester University, West Chester, PA.

Areas of Instruction:

Dr. Staulters' primary specializations are in:

  • Special Education Assessment
  • Special Education Literacy
  • Trauma-Informed Education
  • Behavior

Teaches Courses In:

  • Assessment
  • Literacy
  • Behavior Analysis and Management
  • Critical Issues in Special Education
  • Quantitative Research Methods

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