CESW Celebrates WCU's 150th Anniversary

#KindnessBindsUs – As a College Across Disciplines

Kindness is marked by acts of generosity, consideration, and friendliness. Kindness is also being vocal, rooted in justice, grounded in action, and open to change. To celebrate West Chester's 150th Anniversary, the CESW is honoring this milestone in multiple ways. The CESW 150th Committee is excited to highlight some of those college-wide celebrations on this page. For university-wide information, make sure to visit the WCU 150th Anniversary page.

CESW 150th Committee consists of members from CESW students, staff, and faculty:

Donna Callaghan, Krista Carstens, Victoria Clayton, Katie Cooney, Kirsten Dollman, Ashlie  Filandino, Aubrey Frye, Cameron George, Joseph Giuffre, Mackenzie Gursky, Amy  Hancox, Shantayah  Hayes, Jackie Hodes, Sarah Johnson, Sunny Livelsberger, Barb  Leisenring, Mary Paige Martin, Sherry  Marvil, Morgan McKeon, Sarlene  Mingo, Leslie  McGowan, Ben Morgan, Mary O’Reilly, Ashley Rowe, Paulette  Rowe, Darryl Thomas

Kindness Murals

150 days of kindness will be displayed across our murals in three 50-day periods starting with the WCU 150 Kickoff on September 17th. With these murals, the committee hopes to share different ways WCU, the CESW, and the community have shown kindness throughout the years.

Murals will be displayed on the CESW Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media pages.


  • September 17 - December 23
  • January 3 – March 13
  • March 14 - May 20

Murals be displayed throughout West Chester Campus, the Graduate Center, and the Philadelphia location.

  • Anderson Hall: 4th & 5th floors
  • Graduate Center: 3rd floor
  • Philly Center: Main lobby
  • Recitation Hall: 3rd  floor
  • Wayne Hall: 9th floor

Interested in contributing and earning a $10 gift card to Insomnia Cookies? Submit this form for your Kindness Mural Entry and you can be on a mural!

Kindess Mural

Time Capsule

Memories of our 150th year!
In commemoration of our 150th anniversary, we are creating a time capsule and inviting students, staff, and faculty to submit quotes, artwork, articles, pictures with captions, and any other item they may like to include to show the future what life was like in 2021!

Submissions to be sent to Morgan McKeon – MM924932@wcupa.edu
Start Date: Monday, August 30, 2021
End Date: Friday, April 29, 2022

Entries will be transferred to journals which will be held in an archival box to be stored in Special Collections of the WCU Francis Harvey Green Library

There is also an artifact collection led by the University’s Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology which will highlight more of the history of the University.

Time capsule flyer

Department Initiatives

There are number of activities, both passive and active, happening across CESW departments. We will be adding images or content to spotlight these happenings during the 2021-2022 academic year. Here are some examples:

Department Initiatives

  • 150 Social Work group

  • Poster board

  • Mural outside Anderson 400

    Undergraduate and Graduate Social Work Mural-Anderson Hall 400

  • Historical Display Case

    Department of Early and Middle Grades Education - Historical Display Case in Recitation Hall by Dr. Laura Fiorenza, Dr. Linda Hanna (retired), and Barb Leisenring