Applied Literature Review / Problem Scope & Best Practices


To inform reader about the overall scope of the problem and identify what is already known about the topic and to provide the basis for a set of recommendations for improvement.


  • Did you use proper grammar?
  • Did you use clear, concise, and logical language?
  • Did you use language appropriate for a professional audience?


  • Did you identify your topic clearly and concisely?
  • Did you review the articles where applicable?
  • Did you supply a summary of the main points of each article?
  • Did you emphasize the practical “take home message” in each article?
  • Did you use approximately 20 articles?
  • Does the review have appropriate depth and breadth?
  • Did you address the implications of these findings for practice?
  • Did you provide an integrative summary of major findings?


  • Did you include a title page?
  • Did you include a complete reference page?
  • Did you complete the review at or under the 6 page maximum?
  • Did you follow other APA guidelines?