Final Powerpoint/Prezi Checklist


  • Did you use proper grammar?
  • Did you use clear, concise, and logical language?

Format Style:

  • Begin outlining your ppt/prezi early!
  • Do Not Read From Slides and NO NOTE CARDS!
  • Do not put too much information on slides, just the major ideas.
  • Do you have a slide on team identification? (motto, logo, name, etc.).
  • Presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Maximum number of slides - 10 - 12!

Collaborative Team Effectiveness Self Study:

  • Which of the five dysfunctions of a team did your team find most difficult to overcome?
  • Identify and discuss team's superordinate goal!
  • What were the most significant challenges/barriers your team faced in producing high quality written assignments?
  • Provide a 'case example' of your teams most significant conflict.
    • Why did it occur?
    • How was it mismanaged?
    • What would team do differently if presented with this conflict in the future.
  • What suggestions does the team have for overcoming these challenges/barriers?
  • What team management/facilitation practices (e.g. accountability/ norms) worked most effectively for this team?
  • What recommendations would you make to a team beginning this collaborative course to enhance effectiveness in collaborating?
  • >Present 5 slides for novice beginners that will assist in promoting the collaborative process! The 5 slides must not be part of your collaborative presentation.
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