Introductory Paper Assignment

Take Note:

This is a Collaborative assignment and work is to be completed with team members!



To make a distinction between Collaborative and Cooperative learning! This is a required preliminary step in designing a collaborative working environment!


Read the following articles/chapters.

Treadwell, T., Ashcraft, D. M. (2005). A pedagogy for collaborative on-line research and learning: The CORAL model . National Society for Experiential Education Quarterly.30 (1),10-17.

Ashcraft, D. & Treadwell, T. (2008). The social psychology of on-line collaborative learning: The good, the bad, and the awkward. In Orvis, K.. & Lassiter, A. (Eds.), Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: Best Practices and Principles for Instructors . (pp. 140-163). Hershey, Pennsylvania: Idea Group Publishing Co.

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