May 10, 2024

WCU Faculty Mentoring Program at 15: Celebrating WCU’s Commitment to the Development of Expert FacultyFounding Faculty Mentoring Committee: Tim Brown, Lauri Hyers, Nadine Bean, Tom Haughey, David LeVasseur

On Friday, May 3, 2024, West Chester University leadership and faculty gathered for a luncheon in the Philips Autograph Library to recognize and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Faculty Mentoring Program and the completion of the inaugural year of the Program for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (PETAL).

The Faculty Mentoring and PETAL programs were developed in response to research showing that mentoring is crucial to new faculty success. The Faculty Mentoring Program pairs new faculty with an established mentor who can answer questions, offer advice, and help acclimate new faculty members to campus. The new PETAL program extends new faculty orientation with several fall meetings and is a three-credit class during the spring semester that advises on best practice teaching strategies.

Faculty Mentoring Program 15th Anniversary - Chris Fiorentino speaks to facultyWCU President Christopher Fiorentino and Executive Vice President and Provost (interim) Jeff Osgood were in attendance. Both began at WCU as faculty, and both spoke on the merits of faculty mentorship.

Fiorentino said, “West Chester University recognizes and supports mentoring’s crucial role in academic and professional development. The Faculty Mentoring and PETAL Programs aim to develop a faculty of mutually supportive and continuously evolving educators who can meet students’ needs. A strong faculty is the foundation of a strong institution.”

Osgood added, “With the addition of PETAL, the Faculty Mentoring Program has evolved into more than we could have hoped. We have witnessed the value of mentoring and its positive effect on both the mentor and the mentee. Congratulations to all who have helped to make this program a success.”

Professor of Psychology and one of the founding members of the Faculty Mentoring Program Lauri Hyers also spoke and said, “We have faced many challenges in academia these past 15 years, and the Faculty Mentoring Program has helped prepare faculty to meet these challenges head-on. The Faculty Mentoring Program will continue to be a valuable resource for new and current WCU faculty in this ever-changing landscape of Higher Education. Here’s to the next 15 years!”Faculty Mentoring Program 15th Anniversary - Jeff Osgood

The May 3rd program concluded with certificate presentations by Associate Provost for Learning & Teaching Innovation H. Naomie Nyanungo to mentor/mentee pairs who participated in the inaugural PETAL program. PETAL final projects were showcased around the room.

Michelle Blake and Ralph Sorrentino - Current Chairs of the Faculty Mentoring Program









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