August 16, 2023

New Student-created artwork adorns Main hallMain Banners

This summer, the college of Arts & Humanities unveiled new artwork in the form of large banners that are now adorning Main Hall. Junior Art + Design student Noah Burns – who last year gained recognition for creating and painting a mural for one of West Chester borough’s historical buildings – is the designer of the banners, with Assistant Professor of Art Scotty Reifsnyder as art director.

Reifsnyder says, “This project was spearheaded by Dean Jen Bacon, who wanted new banners that represented social justice and equity through the lens of the College of Arts & Humanities. She wanted art that spoke to the diversity of our students.”

Reifsnyder and Burns came together to brainstorm ways to bring Bacon’s concept to life.

“When you do something like this, you don’t really know the destination until you get there,” says Reifsnyder.

One day Burns showed Reifsnyder his sketchbook. In it were dozens of sketches of students doing everyday activities on the quad, interacting on campus with each other, and doing their chosen activities.

“This is it,” thought Reifsnyder.

Noah BurnsAfter discussing with Burns, the concept was born to use the sketches to depict “captured moments” of students who attend WCU, and to represent as many A&H majors, races, cultures, and genders as possible.

“We did our best to represent every major in the College of Arts & Humanities visually,” says Reifsnyder. “If we offer it, you can find it amongst Noah’s illustrations.”

The purple and gold hued banners will hang on Main Hall through the academic year. Meanwhile, Burns is earning well-deserved recognition and accolades from across campus.

Says Reifsnyder, “Noah is very versatile, and his work is professional-level quality. His art background influenced this project, as seen in the sophisticated color palette. I am grateful for his exceptional work and for the opportunity to work with him.”

Noah Burns says, “It was a great experience to work with Professor Reifsnyder and Dean Bacon on this project. I appreciate the opportunity to showcase my art on campus and to represent through my work the environment that West Chester University is fostering. It is wonderful that WCU gives students the chance to demonstrate their skills and displays their work around campus. I hope this is a continuing trend and that other students are given these same opportunities.”


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