April 21, 2023

Super Starr Student Invents Tobacco-Free Alternative to Nicotine Vaping: Product Has Just Been Launched in the UK


(l to r) Zach Starr, a West Chester University sophomore, holds his recently-launched invention — The Quix, a tobacco-free alternative to nicotine vaping. Starr is pictured with his mentor, Pattie Diggin, director of the University’s Cottrell Entrepreneurship Center.

Dubbed a promising Student Entrepreneur in Residence at West Chester University’s Cottrell Entrepreneurship Center, 20-year-old Zach Starr is challenging the burgeoning vaping industry with a Quix fix that is designed to help a growing number of young vapers reduce their addictive habits. Starr’s company, Quix Labs, created The Quix as the first all-in-one disposable aerosol system that delivers a nicotine-reduced experience to consumers as a viable way to empower individuals to eventually kick-the-habit. Offering four nicotine-reduced strengths, the tobacco-free product enables users to experience what it is like to use lower and nicotine-free alternatives. As a manufacturer and distributor of the first nicotine-reduction focused smoking alternative, the company has recently sold the product to distributors in the U.K. and it will soon be marketed in the U.S.
After seeing friends in high school engage in vaping, Starr was determined to provide an alternative that would empower them to eventually quit. He is aware of the startling statistics. “People my age and even younger are currently using high-nicotine devices like electronic cigarettes in staggering numbers,” shared Starr. “Globally, the number of electronic cigarette users has risen to more than 82 million people. While my partners and I recognize that some individuals have accepted smoking as a habit they may never quit, our focus is on providing an alternative for those who still wish to quit. My generation needs an alternative.”
Starr, an economic and finance major in WCU’s College of Business and Public Management who acts as president of Quix Labs, leads product development, marketing, operations, and accounting for the company. He has organized a team of equally competitive and committed partners. Ryan Mazur serves as chief operating officer of Quix Labs and brings expertise in chemical engineering and process engineering. Jeff Vaughan, who is a pharmacist as well as an industry expert, serves as chief medical officer. Anthony Musacchio, who has experience in the venture capital space, is chief financial officer.
Having honed his entrepreneurial experience as a middle school student who launched a travel business for families and corporations, Starr’s business acumen is sharp, and he works hard for positive results. “I started this company as an idea on a piece of paper and through my work, networking, consistency, and persistence, have taken an idea to a full-fledged international company. We received proper market authorization in Quarter 1 of 2023 and officially launched to consumers on April 15, 2023.” 
“We could not be prouder or more impressed with Zach as a student, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a peer, and an inspiration,” said Director of West Chester University’s Cottrell Entrepreneurship Center Pattie Diggin. “He has taken concepts and theory and applied them to what is certain to be a thriving business. We don’t know when he sleeps.”
In his spare time, Starr is also a venture partner for Z.L. Starr, an all-in-one consulting firm for startup and small businesses; co-host and founder of a talk show entitled ‘More Than Philly Sports;’ founder and CEO of Platinum Starr Travel; and a baseball coach for the West Chester Dragons as well as an eighth grade coach at Fugett Middle School in West Goshen, PA.
“They sky is the limit for Zach, and this is only the beginning,” added Diggin.

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