March 28, 2023

WCU Partners With Good Fellowship for On-campus EMS Services

Good Fellowship EMSWhile WCU students have always been covered by emergency services, increased coverage has been brought to campus with the new addition of Station 355, a name designated in accordance with Chester County’s Fire and EMS numbering system. In partnership with Good Fellowship Ambulance, the University opened a new, student-run division based on campus on December 1, 2022.

Student volunteers who are trained or are in training in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are overseen by Good Fellowship’s leadership and a staff advisor from WCU. The division operates out of the ground floor of Commonwealth Hall, 715 South New Street, where Student Health Services is also located. In addition to covering the WCU campus, EMS units from Station 355 also handle other off-campus emergencies in the area and provide mutual aid to neighboring EMS agencies as needed.

The partnership allows Good Fellowship students and volunteers with previous training to complete a bachelor’s degree in one of the health sciences majors. Courses taken at Good Fellowship Ambulance and the EMS Training Institute or GFC-UPMC-CEM Paramedic Training Consortium count toward up to 57 college credits.

Good Fellowship EMS crew

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