February 7, 2023

Art & Design & Wells School of Music Opens Joint Exhibit: Women On Record: Music Vanguards of PennsylvaniaWomen on Record

The Department of Art + Design and the Wells School of Music opened the joint exhibit Women on Record: Music Vanguards of Pennsylvania in Knauer Gallery, Swope Music Building & Performing Arts Center, 817 S. High Street, West Chester. The exhibit is displayed Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. through February 23rd.

Women on Record explores the achievements of women vanguards from Pennsylvania who challenged the exclusionary practices of the music industry from colonial America to today.

Dr. Hayoung Lee and Karen Watkins were awarded a PASSHE Faculty Development grant to create this collaborative exhibit with students from Dr. Lee's Gen Ed. class on women in music and students from the Department of Art + Design. 

Lee says, “From local to global music stages, women musicians have encountered persistent barriers to musical composition, recording, and performance opportunities. Bold and visionary musicians overcame pervasive gender and racial discrimination through creativity, innovation, and advocacy. Their stories are the sounds of inclusion and equality."



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