February 24, 2022

Expert on European Security Affairs, including US-NATO Relations, to Lead Open Discussion with WCU Students About the Crisis in Ukraine

Conflict DiscussionProfessor of Political Science Peter Loedel, a widely respected expert on European security affairs, including US-NATO relations, will lead an open discussion with students about “The U.S., Russia, and Ukraine: Can Conflict be Avoided?” on Thursday, February 24, 3:25-4:15 p.m. at West Chester University, Anderson Hall (Room 211), located at 725 South Church Street in West Chester. Great student interest prompts Professor Loedel to present an analysis of the issues regarding the buildup of Russian military on the border of Ukraine, the reasons for escalated tensions between the two countries, and strained bilateral relations. Following his talk, Professor Loedel will engage students in an open discussion about whether conflict can be avoided.

As a political analyst, Professor Loedel’s teaching and research focus examines US Foreign Policy, Transatlantic Security Relations, and Europe. He regularly teaches classes on The European Union Simulation, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Introduction to Global Studies, European Politics, International Political Economy, US Foreign Policy, and African Politics.

Professor Loedel has published numerous articles in leading journals and book chapters on European monetary politics as well as teaching/pedagogy in the field of international relations. His most recent publication focuses on the impact of gender on attitudes toward European monetary union and the Euro. The article, co-authored with Susan Banducci from the University of Exeter, can be found in the following:

  • David Howard and Amy Verdun, Economic and Monetary Union at Twenty: A Stocktaking of a Tumultuous Second Decade (Routledge, 2021).
  • Susan Banducci and Peter Loedel, “Gender and Women’s Support of the Euro,” in European Monetary Union at 20, Journal of European Integration, Special Edition, December 2019.

For more than five years, Professor Loedel was the director for the Global Engagement Office and assistant vice president of international programs at West Chester University. Professor Loedel is an active campus leader and advocate of study abroad, curriculum internationalization, and recruiting international students and faculty. He received Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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