September 24, 2021

WCU to Dedicate The Roger and Agnes Ware Plaza on Saturday, September 25

The Entrance to WCU Will be Transformed & Redefined

Plaza EntranceThanks to the generosity of Agnes and Roger Ware ’82, the gateway to West Chester University’s campus will be transformed and the borough of West Chester will become even more engaging. Located at the northwest corner of High Street and Rosedale Avenue in West Chester, The Roger and Agnes Ware Plaza will be formally dedicated on Saturday, September 25, at 11 a.m. by President Fiorentino and members of the Ware family. The outdoor dedication ceremony will honor Roger and Agnes for their commitment to West Chester University.

The focal point of The Roger and Agnes Ware Plaza is a president’s walk and a fountain that will be illuminated in the evenings. The metamorphosis comes at a time when the University is celebrating its 150th Anniversary. 

“West Chester University is deeply grateful to Agnes and Roger Ware ’82 for their kindness in redefining West Chester University’s entrance. The Roger and Agnes Ware Plaza, as complemented by the Ware Fountain, will act as the University’s signature gateway,” said WCU President Chris Fiorentino. “Making the corner of High Street and Rosedale Avenue an attractive focal point will enhance WCU and will also contribute to our town’s natural beauty. At a time when we celebrate our University’s 150th Anniversary, we are especially excited to honor Agnes and Roger for all that they have done for West Chester University.”

The fountain, which will be operational for the public’s enjoyment except when winds are too high or temperatures fall below 40 degrees F, is composed of two large concentric spray rings, 22’ (ring 1) and 15’ (ring 2) in diameter with arching multi-stream jets. Four vertical multi-stream jets are fed from a smaller ring (ring 3) at the center of the feature with underwater light fixtures inboard of the two spray rings and at the central vertical jets. Each ring has 20 jets (40 ring jets and 4 central jets, total). All jets are installed flush with the pavement. There are four central jets, or column jets, arrayed at 90° on a diameter of 16” at the center of the fountain. These jets are also mounted flush with the plaza.

Roger Ware, Jr. graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice in 1982.  Roger has served as president and chief executive officer of Jencap Insurance Services Inc. (formerly Genesee General) since 1998.


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