June 28, 2019

Grandchildren Learn with Grandparents at WCU

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They’ve all returned home now, but for two and a half days, grandchildren and their grandparents were on the West Chester University campus to grow in knowledge – and to grow closer as family members. June 24 to 26 was the ninth year for WCU’s Grandparents University, in which two generations learn alongside one another.

Families could choose their five courses from 13 that included creating a TV newscast, learning about flight and wind power, exploring ancestry through DNA, and venturing out on the University’s ropes course to better understand teamwork

This year, a number of faculty from the departments of Theatre & Dance as well as Art + Design created courses and brought their creative flair to the experience. Grandparents and grandchildren tried improvisational theatre, superhero costume design, ceramics, painting, fitness and dancing fun, plus mindfulness, music, and yoga.

GPU By The Numbers

22 grandparents, 30 grandchildren

From 7 states

10 WCU alumni

13 course options

100% hands-on

12 WCU faculty teaching courses

2 overnights in newest residence hall

1 “graduation” diploma per participant

For this intergenerational experience, families stayed for two nights in suites in Brandywine Hall, shared meals at the dining hall, explored campus via a scavenger hunt as well as a virtual reality class, and enjoyed evening entertainment and activities. While the program has always been open to the public, the majority of registrants have traditionally been WCU retired faculty and staff – including many who’ve participated multiple years.

On June 26, WCU President Christopher Fiorentino presented participants with their “diplomas,” showing they graduated from Grandparents University 2019. Each participant’s family members were invited to this celebratory conclusion.

For more information, visit the Alumni Office website.


Grandparents University 2019
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