Dr. Joy A. Fritschle

Joy Fritschle


Dr. Joy Fritschle is a Professor of Geography and Planning. She has served as a faculty member at West Chester University since 2007, and led the University's sustainability efforts from 2014 to 2017 as University Sustainability Coordinator in the President's Office. Her teaching, research, and service integrates the fields of Environmental Geography and Geographic Information Science & Systems (GIS) with Sustainability. Prior to her appointment as a faculty member, she explored careers in environmental conservation with several federal government agencies, including the National Park Service and the Forest Service.

Dr. Fritschle's fields of interest revolve around the application of GIS technologies and science in ecological restoration, historical ecology, and environmental conservation. She teaches courses in environmental geography and planning, introductory mapping and field GIS, sustainable living, world geography, and study abroad. Her research involves remote sensing and monitoring of riparian buffer afforestation projects using UAVs (drones) and GIS-based ground surveys, GIS reconstruction of historical and reference landscapes using archival evidence, mapping and assessing the environmental benefits of urban forests, and sustainable development through agriculture and forestry.


Originally from the desert southwest, Dr. Fritschle earned all three of her degrees in Geography, beginning with her B.A. from Humboldt State University and M.S. from The University of Memphis, and culminating in a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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