Globalization, Development & Social Justice

A degree in geography is your passport to understanding the complex interplay of globalization, development, and social justice. Geography is the study of our world's dynamic landscapes, cultures, and environments. It goes beyond memorizing capital cities and physical features; it's about analyzing how people, places, and spaces are interconnected.

Our comprehensive geography programs empower students to tackle global challenges head-on. Department curriculum combines traditional classroom learning with hands-on fieldwork, cutting-edge GIS technology, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

By understanding globalization, students will discover how goods, information, and people flow across borders, reshaping economies and cultures while analyzing the impacts of business geography, technology, and political alliances on global landscapes. Our curriculum examines the inequalities that persist on a global scale and their impact on communities and students learn to design sustainable development strategies that promote economic growth while protecting the environment. We address critical issues like poverty, inequalities in healthcare, and education through a geographic lens. Our program promotes social justice and investigates how geography intersects with issues of social inequality, discrimination, and access to resources while advocating for marginalized communities and learning to design policies that promote equity. Students will uncover hidden environmental injustices and work towards a fairer, more sustainable world.