The Dramatic I/Eye: Reflections on Voice and Form in Contemporary Poetry

A Virtual Conference
November 11-12, 2022

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      POEM PLUS PROMPT: Origin Stories: Mythologies of the Self with Dilruba Ahmed

      Join us for a discussion of how poets bring form and content together to forge innovative approaches to autobiographical material. Together, we'll unpack "origin stories" that weave narrative, lyric, & fragmented utterances to express complex and layered identities. We'll conclude by drafting an "origin story" of our own.

      Warping the Mirror: Poetic Form and Point of View with Josh Davis

      Fiction writers suffer over point of view. Poets? Not as often. Poets transfixed by form? Perhaps even less often. And in a climate in which the lyric "I" prevails, point of view demands more than pronoun roulette. In this workshop, we will read and write our way through tightly patterned forms in order to ask how a skewed slant not only varies texture and amplifies surprise but alters a poem down to its marrow.

      To Tease Out the Tension with Julia Mallory

      "To Tease Out the Tension" is a generative space: part craft talk, part workshop to examine how the sonku's slim profile (form) makes its power plain (voice). It will feature Sonia Sanchez's sonkus and examples created by other poets. In addition, the intuitive magic of the sonku's formulation and its musicality (the haiku is to blues as the sonku is to jazz and rap) will be explored. Participants will respond to writing prompts and offered the opportunity to participate in an experimental sonku sonic sphere.

      Approaches to Teaching Poetic Form with Steven Schneider

      In this workshop Dr. Schneider will discuss his experiences and strategies for teaching this course online through Writers' Workshops, as well as through online discussions and critiques. The debates over poetic form have been shaped often in visceral ways: "raw" versus "cooked," "academic" versus "beat," "formal" versus "antiformal." This workshop will be valuable to both teachers of poetry and prose because the knowledge of poetic form will help you to help your students develop voice and cadence in their own writing. Moreover, a section of the workshop will be devoted to teaching the prose poem, a hybrid form. Note: The pedagogical strategies presented in this workshop can be adapted for both Hybrid and Face to Face classes.

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