Undergraduate Academic Advising

Your academic advisor counsels you on your path to graduation. In addition to "removing your scheduling flag" (allowing you access to scheduling) and assisting you to choose the courses required to graduate in a timely fashion, your academic advisor can help you find valuable on-campus resources as well as point you in various directions after graduation. He or she can be a mentor as well as a philosophy professor.

It's important to remember, though, that YOU are ultimately responsible for your academic record-not your advisor. So, educate yourself.

It is also important to be aware of the resources for students on campus. Please use the front section of your Undergraduate Catalog to locate student offices such as the Office of the Bursar (to pay your bill), the Office of the Registrar (for registration and graduation) and Public Safety (parking permits and emergencies).

Student services such as tutoring, counseling and the writing center are also included in the front section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

The Philosophy Department has in-house tutors. Our Graduate Assistants post their hours early in the term. They can be especially helpful in the core philosophy courses. Seek them out if you're having difficulty in your philosophy classes.

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