Michel H. Sage

Michel H. Sage

  • Assistant Professor of Languages
  • Email Michel H. Sage
  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
  • B.A., M.A., San Diego University

Research Interests

Specialization in French Literature and Culture with an emphasis on sociopolitics from Pre-Revolutionary France to the present. Interest in contemporary France include regional independence and separatist movements and more recently in religion and secularism in French society (Islam, the Maghreb and recently the "Arab Spring" uprisings). On-going research is in International Foreign Affairs, in particular French and US relations as portrayed by popular culture and the media. Additional interests: European theater (dramatic theories, mise en scène and stagecraft) and the visual arts (Baroque and Classical period in particular), theories on image, perspective and visual perception.

Recent Publications/Activities

Global Peninsular Cultural Studies (Urbanism, Architecture, Public Space, Film, Novel, Political Resistance, Immigration, Multiculturalism, Social Media, Photography, Catalan and Basque Regionalisms); Everyday Life, Globalization, and Urban Studies Theory; Critical Pedagogy; Asian-Hispanic Relations.


"Internships and Service Learning: Domestic and Abroad." November 2010 – Boston - Annual Convention of The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Boston, MA.

"Islam, National Identity and the Future of Francophonia in the Maghreb" July 2010 – Philadelphia. Presented at the Annual Convention of the American Association of Teachers of French.

Classes Regularly Taught

French language at all levels. Contemporary French culture and politics, regional identity, French for Business and International Commerce, Advanced Phonetics and the development of distance education. Recent seminars taught: "The Cultures and Literatures of Provence and Corsica" Spring 2011, "The Theater of the Absurd/20th-Century French Theater" Spring 2010,"Symbolism to Post colonialism: Poetry in the 19th & 20th C."Spring'09,"Quebecois Literature, Culture and Cinema". Spring 2008, etc.

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