Sustainability and Environmental Humanities

Sustainability means analyzing and designing the environmental, social justice, economic, and cultural systems that will allow future generations of people and other species to flourish. Communication, textual histories, culture, and language play a huge part in how different communities create and maintain relationships to the land: English Studies is crucial to solving problems of unsustainable living and imagining sustainable living for future generations.

In the Sustainability & Environmental Humanities focus area, you will broaden and deepen your understanding of sustainability across a diverse array of texts, as well as develop valuable skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking which you can apply to your own actionable projects.


Choose four of the following courses to complete the Sustainability and Environmental Humanities focus area:

  • CLS 255 (20th Century Native American Literature)
  • CLS 270 (Life, Death, and Disease)
  • CLS 334 (Politics and Economics Lit of Modern Amer)          
  • ENG 305 (Environmental/Experiential Writing: Taking Action)         
  • LIT 337 (Literature of the Enlightenment)
  • LIT 370 (Urbanism and the Modern Imagination)      
  • LIT 372 (African American Urban Literature)
  • WRH 310 (Written Rhetoric: Power, Politics, and Environmental Writing)
  • WRH 335 (Activism and Advocacy Writing)
  • WRH 350 (Grant and Proposal Writing)
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