Public and Professional Writing

In the Public & Professional Writing focus area, you will develop critical, theoretical, and practical understandings of writing in public and professional contexts. You will also recognize the power of writing as an ideological and cultural force in its many genres, sites, and practices.


Choose four of the following courses to complete the Public and Professional Writing focus area:

  • ENG 215 (Views on Literacy)
  • ENG 305 (Environmental/Experiential Writing: Taking Action)
  • ENG 320 (Usability & User Experience)
  • ENG 368 (Business and Organizational Writing)
  • ENG 371 (Technical Writing)
  • JRN 225 (Newswriting )
  • JRN 226 (Public Affairs Reporting)
  • LIT 309 (Thoughts/Writings of Martin Luther King)
  • WRH 201 (Introduction to Rhetoric)
  • WRH 210 (Multicultural Writing)
  • WRH 310 (Written Rhetoric: Power, Politics, and Environmental Writing)
  • WRH 315 (Propaganda, Power, and Politics)
  • WRH 335 (Activism and Advocacy Writing)
  • WRH 340 (Introduction to Visual Rhetoric)
  • WRH 350 (Grant and Proposal Writing)
  • WRH 365 (Writing for the Health Professions)
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