Popular Culture and Cultural Studies

The study of popular culture examines an incredible diversity of mass-produced texts in all media, from traditional (e.g., paper, still photography, television, radio, movies) to emerging (e.g., social media, memes, web-based texts). The Popular Culture & Cultural Studies focus area will take a Cultural Studies approach, which includes examining ways popular culture shapes and is shaped by ideology.


Choose four of the following courses to complete the Popular Culture and Cultural Studies focus area:

  • CLS 369 (Literature and Film)
  • DHM 210 (Introduction to Gaming)
  • ENG 134 (Idioms in the Context of American Culture)
  • ENG 215 (Views on Literacy)
  • FLM 200 (Introduction to Film)          
  • FLM 202 (American Themes)
  • JRN 305 (Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking)
  • JRN 312 (Sports Reporting and Writing)
  • LIN 300 (Language and the Internet) 
  • LIT 250 (Victorian Attitudes)
  • LIT 294 (Topics in Digital Literature and Culture)
  • LIT 367 (Comedy and Humor)
  • LIT 398 (Young Adult Literature)        
  • WRH 210 (Multicultural Writing)       
  • WRH 305 (Images of School in Film)
  • WRH 320 (Writing for the Web)
  • WRH 340 (Introduction to Visual Rhetoric)    
  • WRH 341 (Visual Cultures)
  • WRH 343 (Visual Rhetoric in Comics and Graphic Novels)
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