Creativity, Aesthetics, and Design

The Creativity, Aesthetics, & Design (CAD) focus area centers on the impulse that drives artmaking, the praxis of artmaking, and the awareness of craft that allows English studies to tap into humanity and to build upon an appeal to the human connection of literature and writing. CAD celebrates our human ability to study, create, and co-create digital, hybrid, and print texts, the literary arts, writers, poets, publishers, and critics, rely on a deep reflection on and awareness of craft and creative processes.

Courses in this area value attention to craft, form, literary traditions, and innovative collaboration, community, shared knowledge making and the rich texts that emerge from such efforts as we rethink audience, purpose, and canon.


Choose four of the following courses to complete the Creativity, Aesthetics, and Design focus area:

  • CRW 201 (Introduction to Creative Writing)  
  • CRW 202 (Creative Writing I)
  • CRW 203 (Narrative and Lyric Forms)
  • CRW 301 (Poetry Workshop I)
  • CRW 302 (Poetry Workshop II)
  • CRW 303 (Short Story Workshop I)
  • CRW 304 (Short Story Workshop II)
  • CRW 305 (Creative Nonfiction Workshop I)
  • CRW 306 (Creative Nonfiction Workshop II)
  • CRW 400 (Writing Seminar)
  • CRW 491 (Creative Writing Workshop in the Long Form)     
  • ENG 250 (Stylistics: The Language of Literature)
  • LIN 333 (Conversation Analysis)
  • LIT 365 (Short Fiction)
  • LIT 367 (Comedy and Humor)
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