MDC 495 Practicum in Communication and Media

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What is the Practicum in Communication and Media? 

The practicum is a supervised, in-house internship, which will allow you to apply the concepts and skills learned in MDC courses to professional settings. The practicum is one of the courses that fulfill the capstone requirement in the Media and Culture Major.

While enrolled in the practicum, you will work under the umbrella of WCU Strategic Media. This is our departmental marketing house supervised by the practicum director.

WCU Strategic Media develops and implements content and social media strategy for the Department of Communication and Media. We also serve external clients. Our clients may include local nonprofits, businesses, and campus entities.  

Are there prerequisites to enroll in the practicum?

Yes. MDC 495 requires prerequisites of MDC 250, MDC 251, and at least 15 credits of MDC coursework completed.

What will you do as part of the practicum?

Your practicum tasks will depend on your skills, experience, and, most importantly, your interests and career plans. WCU Strategic Media offers LOTS of creative opportunities! Here are just some examples:  

  • producing video content
  • writing and editing blog posts and website copy
  • producing podcasts
  • taking and editing photos
  • managing social media channels and online communities
  • maintaining websites
  • developing graphics
  • creating content marketing strategy
  • maintaining content calendars
  • scheduling and publishing posts
  • interacting with and managing content creators and creative teams

Whatever your dream media job is, we can give you a role that will help you gain valuable experience toward it. 

Will there be no actual coursework? 

Not in the traditional sense. That said, you will learn via industry tutorials, white papers, and certifications selected for you by the practicum supervisor. Examples include HubSpot Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Google Analytics, and Adobe tutorials.

What are the benefits of taking the practicum?

All semester long, you will engage in professional creative projects under the guidance of the practicum supervisor. By doing so, you will develop valuable skills and a portfolio of projects that will help you wow job recruiters or build a successful media business.

What is the practicum schedule like?

Typically, we will hold a 50-minute team meeting once per week. That meeting will be in person. At other times, you may be meeting with your team, spending time on location, or working independently on your practicum tasks.

Do you have more questions?

Email Dr. Ola Kopacz at

Are you ready to register?

Fill out this interest questionnaire and we will reach out to you shortly. 

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